Your pictures need to be less than 500,000 bytes (500 KB). Your digital camera or scanner should have came with software to edit images. Resize your image to 1200 pixels wide by 900 pixels height (do this for each image). Your pictures should be in JPEG (.jpg) format, if they are not save your resized pictures to that format.

If you do not have software on your computer to resize images you can use the following web site:

At the web site;

1) click the "Browse" button and locate the image file on your PC,

2) click the "Continue" button to edit your picture,

3) use the "Make My Picture" option to resize your picture (begin with 50% and check the "Estimated Final" size in the chart to the right),

4) choose "None" for special effects, and choose JPG format,

5) click "I'm Done, Resize My Picture!" button,

6) your "Image was successfully resized!" window appears,

7) click the "Save to Disk" icon to save the resized image to your computer,

8) check your "Downloads Folder" for the resized and renamed image (look for rsz_yourimagename.jpg),

9) then use the "resized image" to upload to our site.