On the RollaNet Classifieds web site you will be able to post items for sale or trade. Registration is required to post items. The following information will provide instructions on getting registered and how to successfully place an ad.

To login to classifieds, you must successfully register a username and password. If you want the 5 FREE plan click the "No Code (FREE plan >>)" then click the "Submit >>" button. After completing the registration form you are sent a confirmation email. If you have not responded to this email, you will be unable to login.

If you did not receive the confirmation email, check your spam folder.

If you did receive the email confirmation, and you did click on the link in the email and still cannot login, it's possible that text-wrapping in the email prevented a successful confirmation. In this case, go back to the email and copy and paste the entire link (make sure you get it all if it appears to be word-wrapped) into a web browser address bar.

Finally, your username and password are case-sensitive. If you used capital letters when you registered, you must use them to login. Additionally, there should be no spaces in your username or password.


Login to your RollaNet Classifieds account. In order for your classified ad to post successfully, you must complete all of the following steps. If you entered your ad information but your ad isn't posted, chances are you left one of these steps out.

1. Login

2. Click "Place new Classified ad" (menu on left-side of page)

3. Choose a category (for example, Community > Employment > Job Listings)

4. Enter the appropriate information (you must at least supply an ad duration, ad title, ad description and enter your city & zip code)

5. Click "Next Step" button

6. Add Media (images) then click the "Continue" button. Likewise, if you don't have images, click the "Continuebutton.

7. Next you are offered Listing Extras (these are optional).  Whether you choose any listing extras or not, click "Next Step" button at the bottom of page.

8. Click the "Checkout" button.

10. Your ad is now placed.

NOTE:  If you selected any Listing Extras for which a small fee is charged, your ad will not post until payment is received.  We accept PayPal online or a Check sent to P.O. Box 2021, Rolla, MO 65402-2021.