If you need more than your 5 FREE ads you are invited to use one of our affordable Subscription Plans.

We will need to know your Classifieds' username or your registered Classifieds' email address, and which plan you want (see below).  After we have been notified of which plan you want, we will change your account to that plan.

Subscription Plan Pricing:

$5/month - Up to 10 listings at the same time

$10/month - Up to 20 listings at the same time

$25/month - Up to 50 listings at the same time

$35/month - Up to 75 listings at the same time

The next time you post an ad (the 6th ad) you will be prompted to pay for one month.  Or, you can pay for the plan from your account settings page.

The same user guidelines and terms of use that you agreed to when you registered still apply.  For example, you may not post the same or similar ads in multiple categories.  One item, one price, to one buyer, in the appropriate category.  A violation of these terms will result in the ad(s) being removed (without refund of any fees) and without prior notice to you. 

Sellers already registered will need to email us (info@rollanet.org) or call us to switch plans, 573-364-0852, Mon-Fri, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.